Spotify: July Monthly Commentary

In July’s episode, Richard Wertheimer and Clint Dodson of Fort Street Asset Management engage in a lively discussion about their investment insights and market observations. Reflecting on recent market performance, they share that July has been favorable for the fund, recording a 2.97% increase in line with the S&P and ahead of the 60-40 portfolio.

They discuss the factors that contributed to this positive outcome, noting the resurgence of energy-related stocks and certain industrial positions. They emphasize that their investment strategy is centered on both top-down and bottom-up approaches, targeting specific sectors like energy transition, defense spending, and technology trends such as artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. Richard and Clint also address China’s situation, acknowledging the challenges and potential opportunities amidst changing leadership dynamics.

The conversation covers a range of topics, from market conditions and portfolio adjustments to geopolitical risks and global economic trends. They discuss how they approach balancing risk and opportunity in a changing market regime characterized by higher rates and inflation. Additionally, they talk about their experiences while traveling and meeting with clients, sharing insights from various conversations. The episode closes with a discussion on their reading interests, touching on topics like breathing techniques, history, and language learning.

Throughout the podcast, Richard and Clint offer candid insights into their investment approach, market perspectives, and the dynamics shaping the financial landscape.

About: Fort Street Asset Management is an investment fund manager based in Honolulu. The firm, founded by Richard Wertheimer and Clint Dodson in 2019, actively manages a multi-strategy fund for like-minded investors. For more information on Fort Street, please visit: