Spotify: September Monthly Commentary

In this episode, Richard Wertheimer and Clint Dodson share insights on various topics. They start with a light-hearted discussion about personal updates, including Clint’s recent achievement of a level two certificate in guitar playing. They also humorously envision starting a Mariachi Interpretive Dance Fund.

Moving on to market performance, they acknowledge the recent challenges posed by rising interest rates and the impact on both bonds and equities. The discussion delves into the complexities of managing portfolios in this shifting economic landscape, emphasizing the importance of a diversified and multi-pronged approach.

The hosts touch on the ongoing labor strikes and wage pressures, highlighting the potential inflationary impact. They stress the need for a measured outlook, recognizing the strength of the economy despite these challenges.

The episode also addresses the current political climate and its potential effects on the economy, as well as the ongoing transition to renewable energy sources and the significance of commodity investments.

Lastly, they share personal updates, including travel plans and new hobbies. Richard mentions his upcoming trip to Asia, while Clint talks about his goal of dunking a basketball and his newfound interest in guitar playing.